Bones and Joints Related Problems:

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the common age related condition faced by the society. It mainly affects the joints which results in inflammation, pain, swelling and stiffness. The discomfort caused increases during the rest – minutes when less or no physical activity takes place. Therapies done in Suguna Ayurveda Gramam are

  1. Elakizhi (for arthritis condition and body flexibility)
  2. Udwarthanam (for improving mobility of joints and strengthening of muscles)
  3. Podikizhi (to relieve muscular pain and inflammation)
  4. Navarakizhi (to prevent from arthritis by nourishing bones and muscles)

Disc prolapse also known as slipped disc, spinal disc herniation is most common condition among young and middle-aged adults and rarely occur in children. It affects spinal cord. Falling from a significant height and landing on your buttocks, bending forward and attempting to lift an object which is too heavy, genetic factors like obesity, sprain, trauma etc., may cause a disc to rupture. It affects spinal cord. Therapies done in Suguna Ayurveda Gramam are

  1. Kati vasti (to reduce stress, rigidity in the spine, strengthen the bone tissue)
  2. Abhyangam (to relax the muscle stress, nourish the skin and body, reduce bone and joint pain)